Webster’s Dictionary defines fashionate as… Wait, it doesn’t. I made up that word. I’m passionate about fashion…so it just made sense. I’m also “full-figured”. (AKA curvy, plus-sized, thick, chubby or just plain FAT.) Some people (i.e. mainstream media) don’t realize that these two can coexist. Thankfully, there is a movement afoot that is aiming to change […]

Here I am, attempting my first WEEKLY post – something I typically hesitate to do because then I feel locked in and committed. But maybe that’s a good thing, right? I decided to make Humpday “Trendy Wednesday” and use it to discuss my take on all the fashion trends out there. Now if only I […]

Turns out I ended up with 3 fairly different looks from my Ross spree.  For the flirty number (below), I wore it to a friend’s baby shower and decided to dress it up with bright heels from Cato and one of my favorite chunky bracelets from Charming Charlie. Two observations about this picture:1) My drink […]

Aren’t we though?I used to get offended when people would make comments like, “women are so fickle” or “B#$%*s be cray”…Okay, so i still get offended at that last comment…but the older I get the less offended I become because I realize, we ARE a little fickle and I, for one, can be a little […]