I'm a very fashionate girl. (Passionate about fashion) I'm also a bit of a nerd who likes to make up her own words. Sometimes I'm clever, sometimes I'm not. But all the time I'm loud, proud and down for adventure. This fashion blog will be my latest!

Remember a while back I said I was going to do Tutorial Tuesday on the blog? Also, remember that very wise person who once said it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind? Yeah. That’s what happened here. But seriously, y’all. I already have like 10 videos lined up for this series so let’s see […]

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may remember that early on I decided to book a professional photo shoot and share my experience, as well as a few photos, in a post called Phat Photo Shoot. Fast forward a year and some change and I decided it was time for Part Deux. […]

My favorite fashion magazine is In Style. If you were to take a peek into my bedroom, you would see stacks of them complete with colorful tabs marking the pages I want to revisit. It is from the pages of In Style that I draw a lot of my inspiration. Case in point: Thursday I […]