Phat Photo Shoot, Part II

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may remember that early on I decided to book a professional photo shoot and share my experience, as well as a few photos, in a post called Phat Photo Shoot.

Fast forward a year and some change and I decided it was time for Part Deux.

However, this time I’m taking a slightly different approach with my post. Rather than go through and find all my favorite pictures (translated: ones where I look the thinnest), I decided to also post the pictures I like the least.

The logic behind this is simple. We (especially me) place way too much importance on things like double chins, stomach rolls and cellulite. We do our best to hide it, downplay it or otherwise ignore it when possible. But if I’ve learned anything since I started my body positive journey, it’s this: There is power in owning it. It’s the reason I called my blog Faturday Night Live. I wanted to acknowledge who I am and by accepting it myself, help others accept it as well.

Interestingly, I am willing to bet that some of my viewers won’t be able to tell which photos are my faves and which I don’t like. Proof that we are often our own worst critic.

These photos are me….the real me – flaws, insecurities and all.

And I am allowed to think they are ALL beautiful.







Love and Confidence,

PS – If you like the outfits, check out!!


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