Call Me Colonel Mustard

Fall, Y’all!

I love it. I especially love incorporating fall colors into my wardrobe so you can imagine my excitement when I found this spectacular mustard jacket. Even better is the fact that I found it wholesale so it will be making an appearance on the pages of The Look PLUS.

That’s right, YOU can be Colonel Mustard too!


And while I’m on the Clue kick, how about those Miss Scarlet vibes with the red lips and purse?





Jacket: The Look PLUS

Skirt: Macy's - old (find similar here)

Leggings/Boots: Lane Bryant - old 

Scarf: Francesca's (LOVE this one from ASOS here)

Purse: Burlington Coat Factory (similar here)


Love and Confidence,


5 thoughts on “Call Me Colonel Mustard

    1. Funny you should say that because when the jacket first came in, I tried it on and thought, OH CRAP, it clashes with my platinum blonde hair! But I think I just needed the right combo of colors to make it work. And pulling my hair back helped too 😉

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