FNL Turns ONE!!!

One Year, Y’all!

I can’t believe all that has happened since my first post on Faturday Night Live exactly one year ago (read it here if you missed it). To say it has been a fun and crazy ride is quite the understatement.

If I had to pick one adjective to describe this first year with a fashion blog, it would be…unexpected.

Coincidentally, that is the same word I would use to describe this photo shoot, so let’s start with that, shall we?



Here was the expectation:

Buy a balloon, go to a park with a view of the Dallas skyline, take some pics of me slaying in my new Ross dress then celebrate with a glass of wine.

Here was the reality:

Balloons and windy days don’t mix. Amy and hot, humid days don’t mix (OH THE SWEAT!). Being your own photographer is frustrating – especially when you’re NOT a photographer. Wine makes you forget that your photo shoot was an epic fail.




Okay, maybe not epic, but it definitely did not turn out the way I had dreamed it up in my head. And the same is true for the first year of FNL.

A year ago, I had visions of becoming a well-known blogger, attending Full Figured Fashion Week in 2016 (which took place last week) and marrying a handsome man with lots of money.

Okay, that last bit really has nothing to do with the blog. It’s just a fantasy staple in my world.

The truth is, I am not well-known, I did not make it to FFF Week 2016 and I am still single and broke.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t dream of calling this past year a fail because although it did not go the way I thought and hoped it would, it was the year for some amazing changes and growth.

Here’s the reality:

I decided to expand my horizons by moving from my hometown to Dallas.

I decided to turn my love of fashion (and my desire to be my own boss) into reality by starting my own online boutique, The Look PLUS.

I decided that FFF Week 2017 is totally happening because you can postpone a dream without giving up on it entirely.

See what I mean? By any standards, that’s a pretty great first year.

So here’s to YOU, readers and friends, and to many more years of blogging, dreaming and growing together! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey and sharing in my struggles and accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what Year Two holds!

Love and Confidence,





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