Pantsuit or Pajamas?

I went to downtown Dallas in my pajamas today.

Okay, so maybe they’re not really pajamas, but I swear this pantsuit from Ross feels like sleepwear! And I think we can all agree that the best outfits are ones that look cute but feel comfy – am I right?!?!

You may recall that in addition to the green dress from yesterday’s post (here), I also scored another dress and a pantsuit at Ross. (The second dress will make it’s debut next week in honor of my one year blogiversary) But for today, pajamas masquerading as a pantsuit it is!


In case you’re wondering what I was doing downtown, I had to visit the recording department at the county clerk’s office for my DBA. The Look PLUS is now, officially, a Dallas business!

After obtaining my official document and snapping some pics with my tripod, I took myself out to lunch for a steak and margarita where I had this thought:

City life, much like this pant suit, fits me juuuuust fine!





Love and Confidence,

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