Deep Ellum and Deals to Die For

Let’s start with the to-die-for deals I found today.

You guys know me by now and you know that I can’t pass by a Ross Dress for Less without a supernatural force compelling me to go inside.

Really, it’s not my fault. It’s a force bigger than me.

Naturally, I drove by one on my way home from the grocery store today. I told myself I would be in and out quick enough that my milk would still be cold. And I was.

In that very brief amount of time, I found 3 outfits (2 dresses and a pant suit) for $50. Y’all – that’s four pieces for fifty bucks!

One of the gems I found was this olive green, military style dress.


I decided that a deal of this magnitude deserved a celebration, so my roommate and I went to Deep Ellum in Dallas to eat, drink and take photos.

If you’re in the Dallas area and you’ve never been to Deep Ellum, you are definitely missing out. It’s artsy, eclectic and a great spot for eating and imbibing.

My creative side was inspired by all the murals and art so as you can see, that translated into a little “experimentation” with my photo editing…





Many thanks to Mitchell for the photos!


Love and Confidence,

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