May’s Insta Faves

Wow, a month goes by fast!

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was working two jobs, acting in a play at the community theatre and preparing to move to Dallas and start my own business.

By the way, I’m officially in Dallas now!!!!

I’m still trying to get settled in and figure out where everything is but I’m here – let the adventure begin!

One of my goals once I got to Dallas, aside from the major goal of opening my own online boutique (more to come SOON) was to get the blog going again.

So this is me attempting to reach that goal. I’m not quite ready to shoot new looks yet but you better believe last month had some fab outfits that you may have missed, so let’s use this Saturday to play catch up!

Without further ado, here are my faves from Instagram:

Still loving the hot pink and military green. Also getting lots of use out of my skinny, leo belt!
More leo (fashionista speak for leopard) and more olive green. Dying over this long scarf that has actually been in my closet FOREVER.
If I had to pick a May winner, this would be the one! In my sassy, high-heeled world, this look equals perfection.
Who needs their face in the pic when the outfit is this on point! I took full advantage of cooler temps in May.
My girls and me at a farewell pool party – Palms Springs Style!
Love and Confidence,

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