I decided to challenge myself to do four fab looks for the Fourth. That’s a tall order for a girl who has to work all weekend, but here’s to liberty and justice and fashion for all! Look Number One is what I like to call a closet remix. These are pieces you’ve seen before, just […]

One Year, Y’all! I can’t believe all that has happened since my first post on Faturday Night Live exactly one year ago (read it here if you missed it). To say it has been a fun and crazy ride is quite the understatement. If I had to pick one adjective to describe this first year […]

I went to downtown Dallas in my pajamas today. Okay, so maybe they’re not really pajamas, but I swear this pantsuit from Ross feels like sleepwear! And I think we can all agree that the best outfits are ones that look cute but feel comfy – am I right?!?! You may recall that in addition […]

So THIS is what it feels like to follow your dreams! It’s like frolicking in a field of wild flowers – or in my case, sporting this floral frock which happens to be the very first piece of merchandise for my online store, The Look PLUS! (thelookplus.com ~ coming soon ~ visit the site to […]

Wow, a month goes by fast! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was working two jobs, acting in a play at the community theatre and preparing to move to Dallas and start my own business. By the way, I’m officially in Dallas now!!!! I’m still trying to get settled in […]