Bows, Belts & Bathroom Selfies

I’m in a season of life that I like to call the “can’t get it together” season. You can identify, right? When life is so busy that try as you may, it is simply impossible to get your ducks in a row.

I’m totally there. I can’t even find my ducks, let alone get them to form a straight line.

But I refuse to let this stress me out or slow me down. I may have dirty hair, an overcrowded calendar and (oh-so-professional) bathroom selfies on my blog but it’s all for a worthy cause.

I’m not ready to lay it all out just yet but big things are happening in my life and I know that the current craziness is making way for bigger and better things.

With that said, this is my feeble attempt to get at least one blog post up this week and prove to you (and myself) that in spite of the insanity, I am still managing to pull some dynamite looks together! (Granted, it’s only Tuesday. There’s still time for this week’s fashion train to derail.)



Monday’s look came together last minute thanks to my new tassel scarf from Lane Bryant and my apparent love for all things neon yellow. I wasn’t sure if the belted scarf look would come across too matronly or not but according to my IG feedback it was a hit!



Today’s look features another belt (You know what they say. If it ain’t broke…) paired with my new Lane Bryant “bow” blouse. Look at LB gettin’ some love this week!

Now I find myself with a sliver of “free” time so I think I’ll do a little laundry, have a little drink and figure out what outfit I can wear tomorrow to trick people into thinking that I am not actually a quack!

(See what I did there?)

Love and Confidence,

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