Accidental Americana

I was totally stoked when I found this cute polka dot number on the Ashley Stewart website because I had been drooling over a similar look sported by Gwyn Stefani on my Pinterest for weeks.

Exhibit A:


However, as one might expect, my attempt to channel “Miss No Doubt” herself was not as easy as I thought.

First of all, Gwyn is flawless.

Second of all, since my dress came in navy and white rather than black and white, I fell into a common trap.

2016-03-01 20.59.08_resized

Red, white and blue goes great together, sure, but it doesn’t take much before you look like an Uncle Sam poster. Or like you’re making a political statement. (I’m not, btw)

Everything was going swell until I decided to grab my red clutch on the way out the door.

That’s when my Gwyn Stefani turned into a Kelly Kapowski.


But hey, I think we can all agree, there are worse people to look like!

What do you think? Do you like the Patriotic vibe or should I have tried a different accent color?

Love and Confidence,



8 thoughts on “Accidental Americana

  1. I love that dress!! Did you try belting it over the sweater? I love a good patriotic combo but I also love navy and kelly green or yellow, a bit more unexpected but still classic! Really, navy is a neutral, pair it with any color you want and it will look great.

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