Denim for Days

Not too long ago I was writing about my struggles with the denim on denim trend. I am happy to report, however, that it appears I have overcome said struggles.

This white and denim ensemble was yet another last-minute, “let’s see if this works” idea.


It totally did.

As it turns out, sometimes things you initially think will look weird together (like a denim vest over a denim shirt) actually work well and create a unique look.

I would like to challenge my readers to try something new this week in the wardrobe department. Specifically, put something together that you’re unsure about and just see if maybe you were wrong!

(Don’t worry, if you were, it can be our little secret!)


White pants: Macy's online
White Vneck: Target
Denim shirt: I can't for the life of me remember! (But try Ashley Stewart - they have a variety to choose from)
Denim vest: Maurice's
Shoes: Torrid


Love and Confidence,


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