The Pursuit of Trendyness

You know by now that I’m a sucker for a fun and funky trend but did you know that I’m also a sucker for a feel-good, underdog-overcoming-the-odds film?

Probably not. (Although anyone who doesn’t like Cinderella stories clearly isn’t American. Or human.)

Here’s another Amy factoid. I’ve seen The Pursuit of Happyness  (the Chris Gardner story) over 14 times and I cried Every. Single. Time.

Anyone with that kind of perseverance and determination not only gets my utmost respect but my heartfelt tears.

So what does that have to do with my pursuit of trendyness?

As you’ve figured out by now, sometimes my analogies are over-inflated and dramatic. I realize that in reality, the struggle I endured in putting this outfit together does not compare to the struggle of being a homeless, single dad.

But I’m a theatre person. Melodramatic is how I roll! (or how I “role” for anyone who enjoys a good theatre pun!)

*Cue dramatic music*

It all began when I got home from work yesterday, ready to shoot my first attempt at one of the forecasted 2016 trends – Lampshading. (see that post here).

When my thigh high boots arrived in the mail a week or so ago, I had decided to pair them with a 70s vibe, shirt-dress that I own. I didn’t even try them on together because I was so certain in my mind that it would look awesome.

Last night, when I finally tried the duo out, I was sorely disappointed. The shirt-dress didn’t drape the way it needed to for the lampshade effect, not to mention it was shorter than I remembered and definitely showing more than just the “sliver of leg” I had imagined.

For a brief second, I thought about giving up. But then I thought about Chris Gardner.

Okay, that’s a lie. I didn’t think about him.

But I did decide to find something else in my closet that might work.

Here is what I came up with…


It may not be the true definition of lampshading but let me tell you why I like this look.

It’s sexy without being too over-the-top but it’s also fairly comfortable. I mean, I couldn’t run a marathon in those boots but I could definitely dance the night away. (And no, I couldn’t run a marathon in ANY shoes, if that’s what you’re wondering.)

Secondly, I love that I’m actually sporting two 2016 trends by showing off my decolletage!

Lastly, after trying on almost every necklace I own searching for the right look, I finally settled on this piece of fabulousness. Would you believe that I have had this necklace for about 12 years and that I bought it for fifty cents at Claire’s?!

Now that I’ve typed it all out, I realize my struggle to put this look together wasn’t really a struggle at all. That analogy, much like my original outfit idea, worked much better in my head.

Story of my life.

2016-02-10 19.24.56_resized

2016-02-10 19.26.59_resized

Love and Confidence,

PS – Thigh Highs came from Kohl’s (here)


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