Creative Closeting

One of the best feelings as a fashion blogger is experimenting with different combinations from your closet and coming up with something that you consider to be dynamite!

As I was getting ready to head to the theatre yesterday, I opened my closet with no clue what I would wear. I’ve been eyeing my blue strapless peplum top for about a week now but each time I think about taking it from the top rack, I remember that this is winter and not strapless-appropriate weather.

Yesterday, however, I removed the top from it’s resting place in my closet determined to “winterize” it. I first tried a white button down blouse underneath it but the blouse needed ironing and I was in a rush. That’s when my new cropped sweater from Forever 21+ caught my eye.

Additionally, I’ve been wanting to try the blue peplum with the bright yellow skirt ever since they both arrived in the mail from Eloquii so I decided yesterday was the day.

As I pulled and zipped and adjusted myself into my chosen outfit I knew the outcome would be one of two things. Either this pairing was going to be a hot mess or it was going to be perfection.

One look in the mirror and the verdict was clear.

2016-02-07 15.22.26_resized


2016-02-07 14.22.17_resized


2016-02-07 15.24.19_resized

I hope this post will inspire you to do some creative closeting of your own. Don’t let things like the weather dictate what you can and can’t wear. Layer a few of your favorites together and you might just be surprised at the outcome!!

Blue Peplum Top: Eloquii (last season - in black here)
Black Cropped Sweater: Forever 21+ (similar here)
Yellow Skirt: Eloquii (sold out but check out this blue one!)
Love and Confidence,

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