Black and Blue Never Looked So Good

Let’s see if you can identify with any of the following:

Do you have items in your closet that you forget about for a while and then when you come across them you think, I love this – why don’t I wear it more often?

Do you ever plan an entire outfit around one little accessory?

Are you ever proud of yourself for pulling together a great outfit on the fly….before you’ve even had your morning coffee?

As you might have guessed, all three of those scenarios are the case for this black and blue OOTD.

2016-01-31 19.32.49_resized

The pants from Eloquii are that item that I love but that tend to get lost in my closet. They are great high-waist, wide leg pants that are perfect for the office and for all my tall girls out there.

2016-01-29 08.54.10_resized

As for that accessory I was referring to – in this case it’s the blue pom pom attached to my purse. It may seem silly, but this entire outfit came together all so I could match my purse pom pom!

One of the other bloggers I follow had a yellow one with her OOTD and I thought, “That’s what’s missing in my life. A pom pom!”

I found this blue one here.

2016-01-29 08.51.20_resized

As for the outfit coming together all before my morning coffee, it went something like this:

I’ll wear blue pants to match my pom pom. And a black top to match my purse. Wait, is that too much black and blue? *Looks up and sees scarf hanging in closet* BINGO!

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Love and Confidence,

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