2016 Fashion Forecast

I recently read an article from www.thefashionspot.com entitled “10 Trends You’ll be Wearing in 2016

I know it will come as no surprise that I have lots of thoughts and opinions on said article. And not only will I be sharing those thoughts with you, I will also be trying these trends out (the good, bad and UGLY) in a segment I’m going to call “The 90s Are Back”.

Okay, in reality I’ll probably change the segment name but seriously, check out this list:

  1. Fanny Packs are Baaaaack!

I love that the article calls them belted bags as if that really changes anything. While we’re at it, let’s bring back the mullet, call it high-low hair and see if it catches on again. Psych!

Initial Thought: NO ONE looks good in a fanny pack. Not even that Christian Rapper I had a crush on in the early 90s.

  1. Sneakers with Everything.

The only issue (surprisingly) that I have with this one is the word everything. I’m willing to try a skirt paired with converse but let’s be real; some occasions just call for heels. Or at the very least, fancy flats.

Initial Thought: My feet and ankles could probably use a break from heels. I think I’m on board…I think.

  1. Show Off Shoulders & Neckline

Or, as my mom calls it, your décolletage. (She likes fancy words.) Whatever you want to call it, I’ve never had a problem showing mine off. Mostly because it’s always been one of the smaller parts of me.

Initial thought: Bring on the off-the-shoulder peasant tops!

  1. Lampshading

Thankfully, this does not mean wearing a lampshade but rather thigh high boots with an oversized top and sliver of leg showing. My fellow blogger at The Feed-N-Clothe-Me Blog pulled this look off amazingly!


Initial Thought: The boots have already shipped.

  1. Palm Bracelets

A new jewelry trend? Say no more…

Initial Thought: These will look great with my knuckle rings and should arrive with the boots!

  1. Lingerie on the Outside

Seriously? Cher Horowitz called on behalf of the 90s and said…”As if!”

Initial Thought: Everyday lingerie, will you just go away? (And stay.)

Just because Rachel Green did it, doesn’t make it okay.
  1. Athleisure Wear

Look, I’ve been doing this for years, people. All you have to do is 1. Put on workout clothes and 2. Don’t work out.

Initial Thought: The article says NOT to pair your athleisure wear with sneakers. The article also says this is the year to wear sneakers with everything. The article is drunk.

  1. Nerdy, Oversized Glasses

I must not be a very good fashionista because I thought these were already in style.

Initial Thought: My inner nerd is happy. Not sure about my outer cool kid though…

  1. More Plaid

Instead of shirts and scarves, we’re going to keep the plaid thing going with skirts and wrap coats.

Initial Thought: Maybe I’ll look less like a lumberjack if the plaid is on my bottom half?

I can finally try this look from my Pinterest!
  1. Slip-on Sneaks

Sneakers, athleisure, fanny packs and slip ons? Twenty Sixteen, you are one lazy year.

Initial Thought: I like my slip-ons in flip flop form, thank you very much!

3 thoughts on “2016 Fashion Forecast

  1. You rock big time! Thank you for including me in your forecast – I actually learned a few things! I never heard the term décolletage — which I will now steal and use often because I’m notorious for wearing off the shoulder pieces!

    Liked by 1 person

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