A Different Kind of Reader’s Choice

planeI’m only just now posting since my NYE/Wedding/Florida festivities and the only picture I’m including is this photo from the airplane.


Because this was the week.

The week I got back from vacation.

The week I was so broke from said vacation that I realized I didn’t have enough money for rent.

This was the week we started rehearsals for the show I am directing.

The week I snapped at my roommate. Because apparently I’m that person who takes her frustrations out on someone else.

The week that work was so busy that I barely had time to eat and a few times, I held my pee so long that I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

This was the week that I didn’t sleep very well because my mind wouldn’t stop racing about money and work and money and theater and money and New Year’s resolutions and…you guessed it, money.

This was the week that I met with a therapist for the first time in years. Seems fitting, yes?


This was also the week that I made a new friend on an airplane.

The week I caught up with an old friend at the airport.

This week I felt immense excitement and pride at how well my actors are doing at rehearsals.

The week my roommate went out of her way to console me with a listening ear. And brownies. And vodka.

This was the week I realized what a powerful tool CHOICE is.

We have so many choices in life, from how we spend our money (recklessly, in my case) to how we spend our time, how we treat people, how we look at circumstances and how we react to life in general.

Sometimes I choose well. A LOT of times I choose poorly and pay the consequences.

But today, just in this moment (because that’s all my tired brain can focus on), I am choosing to think about the good.

Sweet Readers, you have a choice as well.

Let’s all choose the good. Not because it makes the bad go away but because life is short.

Let’s also choose not to spend our rent money on vacation.


Love and Confidence,

3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Reader’s Choice

  1. Oh my word, yes. I ran out of money this week too and had to borrow in order to take my dog to the vet. :/ I was beating myself up about it, and then I realized there is nothing I can do about the money I have already spent. All I can do is resolve to make better spending choices in the future (or at least pretend to). I can also see if 130 pesos (about 3 U.S. dollars) can get me to Friday payday. 😉

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