Snow and Tell

I make no apologies for the fact that this post will be a hodge podge of pictures and topics.

This is what happens when I don’t post for several days over the Christmas Holiday and a couple of snow days.

Side Note – I get cabin fever worse than anyone you’ve ever met. While most people love snow days, I just go stir crazy. Rather than using my time wisely (ahem, to work on the blog), I was out and about wondering why everything was closed.

Moving on. Let’s start with today’s OOTD.



Hindsight being what it is, white pants were not a great idea. I wanted to coordinate with my beautiful white surroundings but failed to realize that in reality, when snow starts melting, it turns into a muddy, slushy mess and THAT does not mix well with white jeans.

Lesson learned.

Up next, a few gifts I’ve received over the last week. Literally speaking, these are a few of my favorite things!

This personalized bag came from my friend, Abby and it is absolutely amazing – just like her!


My sister-in-law, Ember, knows me too well. Thanks to my new coffee mug, I will remember to KEEP CALM and SPARKLE ON everyday.
This purse was a present to myself. Yup, I’m that girl!


Lastly, but most importantly, I wanted to share a few family pics. As much as I love fashion and presents, nothing compares to how much I love my fam bam. They are a little crazy at times and very loud but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And for the record, anyone who thinks they have cuter nieces and nephews than me, you are wrong. I mean, I know it’s not a contest but still…I win.

See for yourself.

My beautiful Momma and her grandbabies
She will absolutely kill me dead for posting this.


I rest my case!

Love and Confidence (and chubby cheeks!),

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