My Ugly Christmas Sweater

This weekend, my friends hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

It is a well-known fact in my circle that I LIVE for themed parties. It’s the theater geek in me that loves dressing up and playing a role. For Halloween, it was the role of beauty queen, for St. Patrick’s day, I’ll put on my best Irish accent…you get the point.

Christmas is no different – minus one little detail. If you invite me to an UGLY sweater party, you should know, I don’t do ugly.


I do glitter. I do bows. I do a tree skirt poncho and giant snowflake earrings.

I don’t do ugly.

I’m way too much of a froo-froo girl for ugly. (Are we familiar with the term froo-froo? Now that I type it out, it seems very southern…and perhaps misspelled.)


The only drawback to being a vision in glitter is that even when you’re gone, the glitter is still there. Everywhere!

I have glitter in my car. Glitter on my face 2 days later and I feel certain that my friends had a few “ugly” things to say as they were sweeping up the remains of my costume.

But fun was had and that’s really what matters, right?


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