This Look Was a Steal – Literally!

Let’s talk about theft.

I know, not my usual kind of topic for this blog. In fact, not really something I have experience with at all.

In the interest of honesty, I will admit that when I was in junior high, someone left a Clinique lip liner in the locker room and after a few days of seeing it laying on the sink, I decided to take it.

That is the sum total of my experience with theft and clearly, it has stuck with me all these years later. Bottom line, I make a horrible thief.

There is one exception, however. Dirty Santa.

If you’re not familiar with Dirty Santa, it’s a gift exchange “game” typically played at Christmas parties. Participants bring a gift (white elephant or otherwise) and then draw a number to determine the order in which they get to select a present. Once gifts have been opened by someone, they can be “stolen” by other participants until they are considered “frozen”.

Is this ringing a bell?

As you might’ve guessed, I recently participated in a round of Dirty Santa. The minute I saw this houndstooth wrap, I knew I had to find a way to make it mine.


Thankfully, I had drawn number 11 (my lucky number, btw) so by the time it was my turn, the wrap had already been stolen once. That meant, if I stole it, it would be frozen and thus, mine to keep.

But there was a catch.

The current owner of the wrap was an absolute gem of a woman. A precious grandma who clearly loved the wrap and was hoping to take it home with her.

What kind of person steals from a grandma? (Obviously a rhetorical question since I’m clearly wearing said wrap in these photos.)


I know what you’re thinking…how could I?

It wasn’t easy but there were two thoughts that prompted the theft. One, she wasn’t MY grandma. So there’s that. And two, SHE had stolen the wrap from it’s previous owner so clearly she wasn’t as angelic as I made her out to be.

Side note – if you’re thinking, “Wow, Amy gets way too invested in silly games” then we’re probably not that well acquainted. You should see me play cards with my grandparents…

The good news is, this heist has a happy ending. The “gem of a woman” was given specific instructions on where to purchase a wrap for herself, I ended up with the gift I wanted and everyone involved had a great time and walked away with great presents.


Now come on, tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing! 😉


Love and Confidence,



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