Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

You know those outfits that end up taking on a life of their own? (Think Carrie’s “naked dress” from Sex and the City.)

Well this is definitely one of those outfits.

Okay, that may have given the wrong implication. I did not sleep with Mr. Big last night and my picture will not be on the side of a bus anytime soon. But I digress…

The evening started out simply enough. I made it home from work with just enough time to fluff the hair, touch up the makeup (okay, that’s a lie, I had to start from scratch) and change clothes before I headed to the theatre for an evening of music, dancing and Christmas carols with friends.

A few days prior, my Ashley Stewart purchases had come in the mail and included in the package was my faux fur collared sweater. I decided to pair that with my Eloquii jumpsuit for the perfect holiday-theatre-going attire.

And can we all just agree that it IS indeed the perfect pairing?

2015-12-12 09.51.37_resized

Shout out to my uber talented friend, Abby, who was in the show and did a bang up job on her musical numbers!

Seriously, the outfit was a hit and even better was that I felt like a million bucks wearing it! The confidence was definitely oozing out my pores last night.

After the show, I decided that I was too fabulous to just go home and call it a night. An outfit of this magnitude deserved a martini. So I drove myself to a local hangout where I knew one of my friends would be tending bar.

This is where things got….interesting.

I visit this establishment periodically because the craftsmanship with which they make their cocktails is arguably the best in town. The only drawback is that on Friday and Saturday nights, the crowd is a little young for my liking.

Enter Mrs. Robinson…

2015-12-12 09.45.06_resized

I may not be super keen on guys in their early 20s but I’m here to tell you that last night – THEY were all about me.

At first I chalked it up to coincidence but after the fourth or fifth conversation (read free martini), I looked at my bartender friend and said, “Uhm, is it just me or am I getting chatted up by a lot of young’uns tonight?” (Keep in mind, these are the same guys that would normally think I reminded them of their mom and move on to the cute seniorita at the end of the bar.)

My friend’s response was priceless. “You look like a million bucks so they must think you HAVE a million bucks!”

I think martini came out my nose at that point.

She’d hit the nail on the head. I mean, the guys were sorely mistaken about the size of my bank account but I was having too much fun playing the part so I continued throwing out Mrs. Robinson vibes in a manner worthy of an Oscar!

By the end of the night, however, my age (and the actual size of my bank account) caught up with me and I had to retire Mrs. Robinson. She was exhausted.

But I did learn a very valuable lesson last night. Fur collars + sparkly jewelry + confidence = instant cougar status!

Now you know!

Love and Confidence,




3 thoughts on “Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

  1. I LOVE this sweater…I’ll be hunting for one. And Luke was looking at your pics with me and said each time I see her she changes. 🙂 All good things! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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