Maybe I Should Join the Army

This is one of those posts where the only way to reign my thoughts in is to make a list.

  1. Between this green vest and my jacket from Forever 21 (and how often I wear each one) it would appear that I have 100% jumped aboard the “Utilitarian Chic” bandwagon. #sorrynotsorry
  2. My travel mug of coffee matches my outfit today and that makes me way happier than it should. #fashionnerd
  3. I’m having WAY too much fun with these “Look PLUS” posts. And I’m well aware that it looks like I’m staring the other girl down in the picstitch above.
  4. It’s because I need that pink statement necklace in my life.
  5. Do I carry this leopard clutch too much? #ornah
  6. Even as a kid I can remember liking the pink and green combo. Except back then, it was rose and seafoam in a floral pattern in my grandma’s bathroom. LOL! Yes, my taste has come a long way.
  7. I was joking about joining the army. I mean, I greatly appreciate the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make but I’m pretty sure me in the military would be like a bad remake of Private Benjamin. Besides, I just hired a personal trainer and given the state of my legs right now, there’s no way I would survive boot camp.

Okay, I’ll spare you any more of my obsessive list-making and get back to work.

Love & Confidence,



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