Looking for Inspiration?

I’ve been posting a lot of straight-sized inspiration lately so I thought I should take a moment to express that when it comes to my style, inspiration comes in many forms – not just slender Instagram models. (Great, now that song is going to be stuck in my head.)

Truthfully, inspiration for color or pattern combos can come from other people, nature, interior design…the list goes on. I once saw a patterned rug in a magazine and thought, “that would be a cute skirt.” Think I’m strange if you wish (you’re not alone) but really, inspiration can be anywhere if you’re looking for it.

All that to say, today’s look was inspired by a curvy blogger and style icon that I follow.


This is Rochelle, also known as Beauticurve. Find her blog here.

Rochelle was one of the first bloggers I started following because she has a great sense of style and she isn’t afraid to take risks.

She recently posted about her crush on olive and blush (here). I had to agree, the two look great together. As I was looking in my closet last night for what I was going to wear today, I came across my pale peach cowl neck (we’ll say that it’s in the blush family) and that’s when inspiration struck.


Not only do the colors work together, but the utilitarianism of the jacket combined with the soft, femininity of the top, scarf and bracelets is an excellent contrast, in my opinion.


And, of course, there’s fringe. Can we all just agree that fringe goes with everything?


Top, Jeans, shoes & bracelets – Burlington
Jacket – Forever 21 (similar here)
Scarf & Purse – H&M last season (similar here & here)



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