The Look PLUS – Army Green & Red

Let’s talk about why I chose this look to recreate in plus.

First of all, because army green (military green, kelp, hunter….whatever you want to call this trending hue) is all the rage.

Two, pops of red will always be a staple in my wardrobe.

Three, I love that this look is pulled together and polished while still giving off a playful, casual vibe. I think I’ve discussed before how hard that is for me to achieve, so when I saw this ootd @dulcecandy on IG, I had a Barney Stinson moment (for those of you who watch HIMYM) and thought, “Challenge accepted!”

Little did I know that it would, in fact, be a challenge.


The ripped, black jeans, booties/heels and red purse were easy thanks to my recent trips to Burlington Coat Factory. The grey turtleneck was also a breeze to find. I opted for the cold shoulder version from Charlotte Russe Plus (here).


The military-style vest was a different story, which I find odd considering that it is a super popular look right now. Maybe that’s the problem. I finally found one on Target’s website and ordered a 3X. When it arrived, I tried it on only to find that it swallowed me. (I mean, sure, it’s kind of a nice feeling when something is actually too big, but mostly I was mad that I had to start over with my search.) Ordering a size down wasn’t an option because the item was no longer available online.

Soooo…I did what I do best. I scoured the interwebs.

FINALLY, Avenue came through for me (hereand on sale!). I ordered the vest immediately and when it came in yesterday, I knew exactly what I would be wearing to work today!


I hope you’re enjoying the straight-to-plus transformations. I’m curious though…what would my readers like to see? Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and send some outfit ideas my way!!!




12 thoughts on “The Look PLUS – Army Green & Red

    1. Ha! Well, it depends. Today my coworker took the pics with my phone. I switched from iphone to Samsung because the pic quality is so much better. But sometimes I use my canon camera and tripod. And, of course, sometimes I do mirror selfies in the bathroom because I’m so profesh! 😉


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