The Look PLUS – J-Lo Edition

It’s only fitting that my first Celebrity Look PLUS is with style icon, J-Lo.

The haters can say what they will but I like her music, I like her movies and I ADORE her style.

Just because I’m not a fly girl from the Bronx doesn’t mean I can’t rock the colored, wide-leg pant look. After I stumbled on this pic of Jennifer on Pinterest, I knew I had to get a pair of these fabulous bottoms for myself.

Thankfully, Eloquii was one step ahead of me.



God bless Eloquii for not only having the bright colors and wide legs, but this pair (size 22) is long enough for me to wear tall heels with and not turn into high-waters.

If you want to grab this Look PLUS, click the link here and you’re on your way.

But PLEASE, for the love of all things Lopez, if you’re going to use Jenny from the Block as your style inspiration, be sure you have the attitude to go with it! (And hoop earrings wouldn’t hurt.)



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