The Look…Plus

I’m on a mission.

In my roughly 6 months of living and breathing plus-sized fashion, I have come to two realizations. One, the full-figured fashion industry has come a very long way in recent years. And two, the full-figured fashion industry still has a ways to go before we can truly say #plusisequal.

I love the voices out there demanding to be heard in regards to designers offering clothes beyond size 14. In a small way, I think I have joined them and hopefully, in the future, my voice can grow louder. BUT…my current mission is focused on that first realization – that the industry has come a long way and we do have choices that weren’t there previously.

I can’t help but feel that there are so many curvy women out there who don’t realize the extent of their options. In fact, prior to starting this blog, I didn’t even know all my options and I’ve considered myself a “fat-shionista” for quite a while now.  This fact has been weighing heavy on my mind lately so I have decided there is only one thing to do.

My mission is clear.

I want to assist women in achieving the very same looks as their straight-sized counterparts. I want to demonstrate that in many ways, plus can be equal, you just have to know where to look (and occasionally get a little creative). I want to stress that this isn’t a competition but a “coming together” of straight and plus-sized trends. I want to help. Help larger women stop feeling marginalized and forgotten and start feeling fabulous and fashionable. Help my friends and readers (and future customers!) know that being a size 18 or size 28 doesn’t mean that we’re relegated to a life of moo-moos and elastic waists (unless you like that kind of thing). Moreover, being “plus” doesn’t mean that my fashion inspiration can’t come from the likes of Kim K, J-Lo and even Cameron Diaz!

So how do I intend to accomplish this mission?

Enter my new business idea. The Look…Plus.

The Look…Plus (will be) an online boutique and styling service specifically tailored to curvy women who wish to sport current trends. Specifically, we will specialize in converting straight-sized inspiration into plus-sized style.

Exhibit A. I found this fabulous all-white ensemble on the instagram page of Shanda Rogers, Southern Outlaw. Nevermind that she is clearly much smaller than me, I knew I wanted this #ootd as my own. I set to searching a few of my favorite online retailers and here is what I came up with.

2015-11-08 10.38.11_resized

The white skinny jeans (size 22) are from Lane Bryant, the off-white sweater in a 3X is Ashley Stewart and the creamy (and oh-so-warm) infinity scarf came from Groupon (similar here)! Add nude heels (from Shoe Carnival, size 11) and a camel colored clutch with amber jewelry and I felt ready to walk the runway!!

2015-11-08 10.39.37_resized

There is still much to do before The Look…Plus is up and running but I was just too excited to keep these plans all to myself. In the meantime, I will be posting more straight-to-plus outfits of the day and encouraging feedback from my wonderful readers.

My sincere hope (and iron-clad goal) is that sometime in the near future, this crazy mission of mine can become a reality for curvy, fashionable women the world over!

2015-11-08 10.41.09_resized

8 thoughts on “The Look…Plus

  1. Great idea! Now that Ashley won Project Runway with her plus size collection, I think this market will be growing. I suggest checking out You Look Fab’s website and business model for inspiration. She is a stylist and has created a supportive online community for her blog readers and clients.


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