I Heart Houndstooth

Correction: I don’t just “heart” houndstooth, I’m obsessing over it right now!

I’ve always had an affinity for this classic, black and white pattern and the fact that you can find it on almost any garment, makes me want to dress in houndstooth from head to toe. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. I’m in love!)

I was even more thrilled to find both a jacket and dress in this timeless pattern AND in my size. Thank you to the Plus-Size Powers That Be…I am forever in your debt!

The only question now is how to afford all this tessellation goodness. (Yes, I paid attention in math class. Mostly.)


This beaut comes from Fashion To Figure and can be found here up to a size 3X.


I nearly died – dead – when I saw this little number from ModCloth. Check it out here and note that it goes up to a 4X! Tell me you would not feel like absolute royalty wearing this! It’s positively yummy.

If, unlike me, you’re not ready to sport houndstooth on every square inch of your body, then maybe these accessories will do the trick. They would be a great addition to almost any outfit and add a touch of regal glam.


There were several houndstooth clutches to choose from but I loved this one on Etsy. (This one is also adorbs!)


Last but not least, I am drooling over these pumps. In fact, these are what prompted this entire blog. I definitely need these to find their home in my closet. (Oh who am I kidding – they would live in the middle of my floor with all my other shoes.)

Anyone else out there making a hullabaloo over houndstooth or is it just me???

PS…My birthday is this month. Just sayin’ 😉

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