Feeling Fabulous on a Friday!

You ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling fabulous, fierce and ready to take on the world?!

Aren’t those the greatest? I’m definitely feeling all that and more today. I blasted my music as I alternated getting ready and having bathroom dance parties with my cat and dog looking on curiously.

And when you’re feeling this fabulous you definitely need an outfit that will properly convey that feeling to the world. For me the choice was clear. Bring back the Eloquii jumpsuit.  Never mind that the temps have cooled off and the jumpsuit is strapless. I was feeling too great to be deterred by such a small problem.

I set about my closet looking for a way to “winterize” my outfit of choice. The answer was clear once I saw this wet seal top from many moons ago.


I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what to call this top. That’s a hard thing for a fashionista to admit. It’s not something I would wear without a garment underneath it so does that make it a shrug of some sort? It doesn’t button or zip so it’s not really a cardi. The best I can come up with is cropped, deep cowl neck top. It’s not very official sounding but I suppose it gets the point across.

Whatever it is, it was a lifesaver this morning. It gave me the sleeves and added warmth I needed while not hiding too much of this fabulous jumpsuit, including the side tie.

And the cherry on top? I have fabulous heels that match this fabulous pseudo shirt! (AND my liquid liner only took one try!)

I’m telling you, it’s one of those days where the stars have aligned and I feel on top of the world. I should definitely buy a lotto ticket today.

I hope you’re feeling fabulous this Friday as well! Let’s make it a great one!




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