Poncho, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways…

~Your beautiful blue hue

~Your fabulous fringe

~You envelope me like a blanket

~You keep me warm

~You match my Wet Seal pants (which means that I’m basically wearing pajama pants and a blanket to work today)

~Your oversized turtleneck hides all my hickeys. (HAHAHA! That’s a joke. Really.)




I think I’ve made my point, yes? I love ponchos – this Lane Bryant beauty in particular. Although the one I’m wearing today is several seasons old, ponchos and capes are back with a vengeance this fall and winter and if you’ve never worn one, you are truly missing out! Check out Lane Bryant’s selection here or this cute duo from Simply Be here.

Much love to my readers and remember…

Keep Calm and Poncho On!!!!

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