Transition Time

“Have you pulled out your winter wardrobe yet?”

Someone asked me this question the other day. My response was the same as always, “I don’t really have one.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have sweaters and coats and winter scarves and boots but I don’t have a completely separate wardrobe for cold weather that moves in and out of my closet by season.

There are a few reasons for this. Mostly, I would say it’s because I live in a fairly mild climate and have for most of my life (minus that one year in Chicago when I learned the value of layering and covering your head!) Winters in Midland aren’t too crazy. We may have a few frigid days and (fingers crossed) we may even get snow once or twice but all in all, it’s very easy to transition your existing spring/summer wardrobe into fall and winter.

Secondly, I’ve never really been one to adhere to fashion “rules” such as not wearing white after labor day or reserving certain fabrics for certain months.  Today’s outfit is a great example of this.


Nevermind the blurry pic, but you may remember that I just purchased this blush cowl neck top from Burlington. I knew when I purchased it that the fabric (knit with chiffon overlay) and color would be considered “springy”. But I also knew that this top would look divine with my new moto jacket so I snagged it without much regard to the time of year. And not to brag, but I think I hit todays #ootd out of the park!

Here are a few other examples of how I transition my wardrobe to colder weather….


I find that dresses are rather easy to transition. Depending on the style, you can add scarves, cardigans, tights and boots and you have an adorable new look for the winter months! OH – and of course, loving the dark lipstick trend for this season!


And I finally found a way to “winterize” my boyfriend jeans! Initially, I was skeptical about the cropped pant with booties but the look has grown on me. It may not work for those in colder climates but I can definitely rock it here in West Texas. (Side note: it was fairly warm the day I took this pic and I was dying of heat in that sweater. If my smile looks fake, that’s why!)

How about you? How do you transition or “winterize” your wardrobe? I’m always open to new ideas!!!

6 thoughts on “Transition Time

  1. I am so jealous of your whole style! ❤ It really hasn't gotten cold enough yet for me to really transition. But, I tend to just wear sweaters and cardigans over my tank tops and call it good. Though, I'm less fashion-awesome than you are.

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    1. HAHA! I feel like a dope. Somehow I just now read the end of your comment and I am going to have to disagree! Let’s call it fashion-different….but certainly not less fashion-awesome!!! I mean really, we’re all just learning as we go, right? 😉

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