Birthday Outfit Sneak Peek

If you read the previous post, then you know that I recently purchased 3 pieces at Burlington Coat Factory. The choice was difficult and here’s why. It is fairly well known that I love the following:

Anything sparkly


Houndstooth pattern

Cowl Necks

Ripped skinny jeans

Anything frilly and over the top (ahem…like tutus)

So how did I just choose three? As you may remember, one of my goals was to find a birthday outfit. This was really the driving force behind my purchases. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to go all out and step out of your comfort zone. It’s kind of like Halloween to me…almost anything goes! (Or maybe that’s just my fashion sense in general?)




I also ended up with the black skinny jeans (in part because the pair I currently own are VERY faded and a tad too tight). The bracelets were an impulse purchase at the register but only cost $3 and go well with the cowl neck, so they were a no-brainer.

I probably won’t get quite as much wear out of the tutu as I will the other pieces and it is very possible that I will return to the store to snag the poncho and hounds tooth skirt but the wanna-be-dancer in me (who gets way too excited about her birthday), couldn’t say no to this sheer, frilly delight!

Now I just have to find the patience to wait until my birthday…next month. Thankfully, knowing that I’ll be stepping out in (my) style will help make 36 a little easier to swallow!

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