Everyone Loves a Before and After

date B&A

If you know me, then you know I’m typically calm and cool when it comes to things like first dates, speaking in front of crowds and singing karaoke. (Not so much when it comes to needles, tornadoes or upper level math but that’s for another post.)

Other times I’m NOT calm and cool – when I’m not prepared. Like when someone asks me to meet them for dinner in 5 hours and I look like the “before” photo on the left.

This is not my idea of an acceptable first date look. It’s really not even office acceptable but I can explain…

I recently cut my hair shorter in attempt to even it out so I can begin the growing out process. In my half-awake state yesterday morning, I decided I would bring out my natural curl. On some level I knew it was a bad idea with my hair this short but my personal history proves that bad ideas are no deterrent for this girl. So I pulled out my diffuser and proceeded with my ill-advised plan.

When a hay-like fro emerged, I went into fix-it mode and added the headband and flower to try and “detract” from the 80s Meg Ryan meets Guy Fieri look. You can see for yourself how well it worked. And I didn’t stop there. In an effort to find balance, I added the ginormous fish hook earrings.

Needless to say, when I agreed to meet my online suitor for a quick bite, I went home and hopped straight in the shower to start over. The end result was the “after” picture on the right. Maybe not my best first date look but certainly a step up from the Billy Idol Wannabe I was before.

Would my date have cared if I had shown up looking like the before pic? Who knows? But I would like to point out that I put much more effort into getting ready for this date than I did for my last one (See All Dates Are Not Created Equal, here). I brushed my teeth and everything.

Maybe there’s hope for me yet.


6 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Before and After

    1. The guy was super nice and dinner was enjoyable. My first impression is that it’s not a match but truthfully, it was one of those that if he asked me out again I would say yes, just to make sure. (I hope that doesn’t sound crazy. At this stage in the game it’s almost like I need two dates to make sure I’m not passing up a good thing.)


      1. Honey, I will go on FOUR dates just to be sure! This elusive chemistry that everyone is after is just hormones and not an indication of anything. If he’s a decent person, and you had a good time- don’t let him go just yet!

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  1. This elusive chemistry that everyone is after is just hormones and not an indication of anything. << Really? I'm Not Sure If That's A Relief Or Not. So When I Felt Absolutely Nothing On My First Dates I Gave Up Too Soon?

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