Inspried by Iris

This was an outfit that started out simple enough but quickly took on a life of it’s own. Allow me to give you some context.

The plan, this early Monday morning, was to sport a scarf vest as featured in my recent post about Extreme Budget Fashion. That was it. I just wanted to prove that I had tried the style and wore it in public.

But what started as a scarf vest, quickly turned into paying homage to Iris Apfel.

If you don’t know Iris by name, I feel certain you would recognize her by her style. This is Iris.


Saturday night I watched a Netflix documentary on Iris and, no surprise, was inspired by her story. First of all, the woman is in her mid-90s and has been married for over 65 years to the same man. Add to that the fact that Iris is a do-it-your-own-way fashion icon and you can’t help but just fall in love with this quirky, “rare bird of fashion.”

So, with Iris’ voice in my head, saying things like…



…the simple DIY scarf vest began to grow. I added the belt, then the earrings, followed by the necklace and five bracelets and a ring. Even still, the look felt a little tame for Iris but alas, I was going to be late for work if I didn’t get a move on.




What I love about this outfit (and Iris’ style) is that normal “fashion rules” don’t apply. It’s all about personal style and what YOU think looks good…or fun…or funky. This outfit probably wouldn’t win any awards or make it down the runway but it made me smile (on a Monday morning no less) and I think Iris would call that success.

BUT…even if the look were a complete failure, I can hold my head high knowing this simple fact:


Thank you for that reminder, Iris!

(And thanks to Bazaar for the photos – here)

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