Extreme Budget Fashion

I am incapable of doing anything moderately. This includes eating, drinking, netflixing…and of course, shopping.

I wrote that opening sentence on July 23rd with the intention of publishing a post entitled DIY Fashion. I saved it as a draft, incomplete, and here I am 2 1/2 months later to finish it.

Why? Because I’m even more broke now than I was on July 23rd (thanks to never-ending car troubles) so I decided it was time to get serious about keeping up with a fashion blog in the midst of extreme budgeting.

For the next several weeks, I plan to scour the internets and bring you the best DIY/budget fashion that I can find. The parameters of this piece are simple. First and foremost, I must be able to afford whatever I post. In other words, the majority of these style ideas will be FREE. You caught the part about EXTREME budgeting, right? (Translation: there will be lots of upcycling and repurposing of current closet contents.) Secondly, I will not post anything that I would not be willing to wear in public. My budget may not be intact but my pride still is.

Before I get started, I decided to include a list of things I WON’T be featuring or advocating in this series.

~ Theft. I promise I am not so desperate that I will succumb to stealing. (At worst I will simply “borrow” ideas from Pinterest)

~I vow not to bedazzle anything. As much as I love all things shiny, I will not be purchasing a bedazzler anytime soon. (I can’t afford it, remember?)

~ I will not skin my pets to fashion garments for myself. I would steal before skinning my fur babies. Just sayin’.

~ I refuse to dumpster dive. For now.

~I will not be sewing anything out of food or foliage. I am not Lady Gaga and this is not the Garden of Eden.

Okay, I’d say that about covers it. Let’s move on to Extreme Budget Fashion (EBF) Idea #1:

You’ve probably seen this before, as have I, but here’s why it is such a good idea for me. One, I own a GAZILLION long scarves. Two, it works for any season (so even if it takes me until next summer to straighten out my budget, I’m covered) and three, should I end up homeless, I can make a bed, blanket and tent from said scarves. (Everyone should definitely invest in scarves.)

By the by, am I the only one who thought the background music was a perfect choice for that video. Nothing says “epic danger” or “edge of your seat action” like turning a scarf into a vest.

Okay, before I go, I want to employ your help. If you know of any extreme budget fashion ideas, e-mail them to me at faturdaynightlive@yahoo.com and maybe I will feature them (and you) on my next post!!!!!

Peace, Love and Free Stuff,




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