Fall Fashion in Texas

Cool weather has finally reached my hometown! I’m doing my happy-hayride-pumpkin spice-sweater weather-appreciation dance!

Cooler temperatures mean one thing for this gal (okay, two things, really). One, I can finally wear my sweaters, boots and scarves without dying of heatstroke. Two, I can start ordering hot cocoa and apple cider k-cups at the office.

By the way, I should probably mention that all this hullabaloo was brought on by 60 degree weather.

I realize for a lot of people, 60 degrees is not cool enough to warrant this much excitement but my hot-climate friends can totally identify. Especially if, like me, they’ve been drinking pumpkin spice lattes wearing shorts and flip flops. That’s just all sorts of wrong!

So how did I celebrate this recent temperature change? By dusting off my boots and taking the tags off my new Ashley Stewart sweater, of course! Oh, and a semi-chilly morning wouldn’t be complete without my hands wrapped around a warm mug of coffee!




I’m in love with this sweater for several reasons. Not only does it represent the changing of the seasons, but it has the look of a cropped sweater layered with a sheer undershirt while in reality, it’s one piece. Genius move, Ashley Stewart! (click here for purchasing info)

The boots are a few seasons ago from Lane Bryant. I highly recommend you try them out if you wear over a size 10 and/or have a wide calf.

I mean seriously, I will never tire of the sweater, jeans and boots look. It’s a welcome classic in my book. As welcomed as the crisp autumn air!

Happy Fall, Y’all!!!!!

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