Curvy Girl Workout Wear

Before I delve right in to my workout wear suggestions, I want to share 4 lessons learned from last night’s photo shoot.

~I would make a horrible model. This was the first shoot where I did several wardrobe changes and by the end, I just gave up putting my tennis shoes back on and shot the pics in socks.

~My nieces may be better fashionistas than me. You’ll see what I mean in the pics to follow.

~This would be an ideal post to talk about sports bras for big girls. I am not going to do that because I’m still trying to figure out where to find them myself.

~ The “most muscular” pose (I had to look up what it was called – see pic) is not an attractive pose for me. In fact, I don’t really think it’s that attractive for anyone.

Case in point…



Moving on. Here are my favorite gym/running/general working out outfits, in no particular order. (Details on purchasing below each photo.)



Pants from Kohl’s (online) – similar here

Gray tank from Amazon – these are extra long and have lots of colors to choose from here

Top from Rainbeau Curves – here



These capris also came from Kohl’s – here

And you’ll notice I like to wear bandanas in my hair when I workout – those are from Hobby Lobby



Top from Kohl’s – similar here

Pants from Kohl’s – even cuter ones here

My goofy faces and niece’s attitude – not found in stores




Striped Top from Rainbeau Curves – here

Solid top from Old Navy – old (but check out what they offer here)

Pants from Rainbeau Curves – here


Oh yeah – and the jacket that I forgot about until I had put my camera away…Kohl’s (Croft and Barrow) – similar from Old Navy here.

Here’s hoping you have a Happy Workout!

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