Needy Fashionista

I feel like all my posts lately have been about how my readers can help me. How selfish and needy of me! (That’s my “what’s a girl to do” face in the pic – in case you didn’t catch that 😉 )

So here’s one more then I promise I’ll be a big girl and make decisions for myself….maybe.

There are several fall styles that I’ve been wanting to try (well, one might be a summer holdover but whatevs). My problem, as I’ve probably mentioned, is budgeting for all these fabulous clothes that I want.

Since I can’t have each of the new looks, I decided to let y’all vote (again!). Clearly my blog is a democracy.

Here are the rules this go around.

DON’T pay attention to price or color of item. (I know, I just admitted to being broke but these pictures are just meant to represent the style I like. I can find less expensive versions or other color/pattern options on other sites.)

DO vote based on which style you want to see me rock this fall.

For some of you, these styles are a little “out there” but just remember who you’re voting for and that should make it a lot easier!

As usual, I will post the winner…once I have it in my possession.

Contender 1: Split tee or Maxi tee (Note that this can actually be worn 2 ways….definitely a plus)

maxi tee

maxi tee2

Contender 2: Harem pants (Jibri, this online retailer, calls them slouch but I like harem…or Hammer pants…or Princess Jasmine pants?)


Contender 3: The Cape Jacket (Because who doesn’t want to look like the lovechild of a businessperson and a superhero!)


Don’t forget to cast your vote in the comments section or on my facebook or instagram!

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