Reader’s Choice Award (Moto Jacket Edition)

Two very important things before you scroll down and check out the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award….

  1. If you missed the blog last week, check it out here to see full pictures of the contestants.
  2. If you are drinking coffee (or any beverage for that matter) be sure to swallow before looking at the pics. This weekend’s photo shoot was nothing short of a comedy of errors and I would hate for you to spit your drink out onto your computer screen.

Drumroll, please….

This was the closest race possible without being a tie. All three outfits, at one point, had the exact same number of votes. But finally there emerged a winner….



As my friend, Megan said, “Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out!”

But I couldn’t post the winner without at least giving you a glimpse of what the runners-up looked like on. Also, some of these pictures were just too funny to keep to myself.

The day before my photo shoot, we received a ridiculous amount of rain. Our otherwise dry city definitely needed it but as you can imagine, it made the ground VERY soggy. Soggy ground + high, skinny heels + a heavy girl = instant aeration for your lawn!

Add to this the fact that I take my own pictures. The reason I’m always in my backyard is because the hot tub is the perfect height for me to put my camera on (still no tripod) and set the automatic timer. I typically set it to take 10 pictures at a time and I can change poses as needed. For the moto jacket pics, I wanted to shoot with the jacket both open and closed.

As you will see, this combination of unfortunate factors made for some hilarious faces and poses from yours truly…











So the million dollar question is this….Did seeing the outfits on change your vote???

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice Award (Moto Jacket Edition)

  1. Yes it completely changed my answer! Loved 1 and 2 was prob my second fav and I voted for 3 ! Seeing is believing….. And as I tell Madi “try it on is FREE!”

    Liked by 1 person

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