Friends Don’t Let Friends Fashion Alone

I took to Instagram last week with an idea for a new outfit. I’m not typically one to seek out assistance (not one of my better qualities, I admit) but for whatever reason, I asked my IG followers for input.


I was dead set on pairing this top/necklace/clutch combo with a black and white skirt until a friend mentioned pairing it with a yellow skirt.

It just so happened that I had a yellow skirt in my possession so I thought, why not?! Let’s see what I think.


A million thanks to Jamie (@soullynatural) for this idea! The bright colors worked so well with the denim shirt serving as a neutral. I’m also (surprisingly) a fan of the “buttoned up” look. It’s classy and very church appropriate, which is where I was headed.

I think in the future I won’t be so reluctant to get feedback from friends and followers. In fact, maybe that would make a good weekly segment…

I’ll call it “What Would You Wear?”





Outfit Details:
Denim Blouse – Rebdolls (here) (Ashley Stewart also has some good ones)
Skirt – Eloquii (old)
Necklace/clutch – Versona
Shoes – Torrid (here)

6 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fashion Alone

  1. I agree with Megan, leave a little bit unbuttoned as it looks a little fabric heavy up top. But then again, you are the fashion goddess — I’m probably the last one to take advice from, ha ha 🙂


    1. Just seeing this (I’ve been MIA) but you’re right. The shirt was actually a little big which didn’t help the fabric heavy look. I had my mom (seamstress extraordinaire) put darts in the back and cut out some of the extra fabric so we’ll see if that helps as well!

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