Feeling Like a Fraud

Do you ever struggle with feeling like a fraud?

I do. In fact, I’m struggling right now.

Monday morning, I popped out of bed, went to the gym (pause for appropriate reaction, a.k.a. astonishment) then proceeded to get ready for my work day. I decided on Sunday that I wanted to do a Friday post called “Work Week in Review” in which I featured my work outfits each day this week.

I should’ve known I was setting myself up for failure.

See below.






WEDNESDAY (Needlessly pointing out how badly my new growth needs a touch up)


I probably don’t need to point out the obvious but I will anyway. Clearly this week took a turn for the worse (fashion & beauty-wise) after my successful date Monday night.

Not only are my fashion choices not something I would typically want to document, but my hair and makeup (or lack thereof) is enough to scare the mailman. Seriously, he might’ve done a double-take…and not the good kind.

And I call myself a fashion blogger! SMH!!!

But there’s more.

To add insult to injury, last night I received a text from a friend that described me as “one of the most full-of-life people” they had ever met.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s not an insult. You’re right but here’s the problem. These last few days I have felt anything but full-of-life. I have felt frustrated, down, questioning, searching and confused….but not fashionable and definitely not full-of-life. I felt like a fraud.

That’s when I realized that I had made a very common mistake.


I forgot that I am human. I made the mistake of expecting too much of myself (a problem I’ve struggled with for most of my life).

To be human means to fall short of the goal sometimes. It means being sad or down or confused. To be human is to experience the entire range of emotions, not just the “good” ones. It means sometimes needing a break or needing help or needing answers.

Falling or feeling or needing these things doesn’t automatically make us frauds or fakes.

It makes us human. And that’s okay.

So, rather than scrapping the “Work Week in Review” idea and deleting these less-than-flattering selfies from my phone, I decided to post them anyway. I decided to let my “human” hang out for all the world to see, in hopes that it will remind you to cut yourself some slack.

Are you human? It’s okay to let it show.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Like a Fraud

  1. Definitely know that feeling! I was just talking to my friend the other day about a “blog related trip” I’ll be taking soon and how the pressure to look perfect was on since I was selling myself as fashionable. I think when a Type A personality makes the decision to announce to the world that they are something (whatever that may be), there is a huge pressure to be the ideal of that thing at all times.

    I have to constantly be reminded to remember that not everything has to be perfect. Even Beyonce has days the mailman wouldnt recognize her. Doesnt mean she isnt still a beautiful, fashionable (and obnoxiously rich) woman.

    Congrats on your date btw!!

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