All Dates Are Not Created Equal

Last night I had a first date with a guy I met online.

Well, to be fair, we had met in person before (through a mutual friend) but I had no recollection of said meeting so I felt a little like I was going into dinner with one strike against me.

Add to that the fact that as a 35 year-old woman, dating is much different than it was in my twenties…particularly the rituals leading up to the date itself.

As an idealistic, hopeful (a.k.a. not jaded) twenty-something, my date prep ceremony was similar to that of a bride’s on her wedding day. I made sure every “i” had been dotted and “t” crossed. Manis, pedis, teeth-whitening, legs shaved, new outfit purchased….you get the idea, yes? Basically, I went to absurd extremes to ensure that if the guy didn’t like me it had nothing to do with my clothing choices or grooming.

Fast-forward 10ish years. Here’s what dating in your thirties looks like:

Before dinner, I opted for a nap without concern for the fact that I would likely have “nap hair” when I awoke for dinner.

I wore shorts. And I didn’t iron them.

I did shave my legs but ONLY to the exact spot at which the shorts hit my knee. I didn’t even account for the extra leg that would show when I sat down. I figured I could cover it up with my napkin.

I didn’t brush my teeth. (Don’t judge – I brushed them that morning, I just failed to do a pre-date brush. Clearly I wasn’t planning on getting a good-night kiss.)

I didn’t bother to fix the chipped (and in some cases, completely missing) polish on my toes…even though I was wearing open-toed shoes.

Combine these factors with the above-mentioned strike against me and what do you get? Apparently you get a perpetually single thirty-something.

But enough with the lazy date-prep and self-deprecation. Let’s get to the point.


Who would’ve thought, huh? Apparently some guys like that “just napped, wrinkled, hairy leg” look.

Ma, I mighta found me a keeper 😉




Top – Cato (old) – similar styles with print here and here
Shorts – Kohl’s (old) – similar here
Shoes – Ross
Necklaces – Aldo (from my Lennox Square haul! They’re still on the website here.)

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