Phat Photo Shoot

There are few things in this world that make me giddy inside like I’m back in 3rd grade and my crush, Jeremy, just picked the seat next to mine….

Few, but they do exist.

1. Broadway.

I could go to a Broadway show every night for an entire year and I’m pretty sure I would still light up like a Christmas Tree…each.and.every.time.

2. A good, long smooch.

Seriously, can we just take a moment of appreciation for smooching.

3. Pretending to be a model in a professional photo shoot.

Until recently, I didn’t know this last one existed. Sure, as a little girl, I would twirl my skirts and make cutesy faces in front of the mirror and dream of looking like Cindy Crawford one day but I think even then I knew THAT was a tall order. Turns out, even though I look nothing like Cindy Crawford, twirling and making faces (for the mirror or camera) is every bit as fun as an adult as it was when I was eleven!

This idea started as a way to make my blog appear more professional, so I hired Jessica Diaz (friend and photog) to work her magic. What resulted was so much more than a few blog-worthy pics.

I’ve spent too many years being overly-critical of my reflection and image. No, I’ve never been one to shy away from having my picture taken (unless I’m in a swimsuit) but as I gained weight in my 20s and 30s, I discovered the number of photos that I genuinely liked was very few. Jessica’s talent and creative eye not only produced results that I am happy with but I feel that she was able to capture the real me. The “happy, confident, playful with a hint of seriousness” me.

To all of my readers with a twirly, girly 11-year old dreamer residing somewhere inside them, do yourself a favor and schedule a professional photo shoot. Let that silly girl out to play!

I chose 3 looks for the shoot. This was #1 which I called my “rocker” look.
Jeans from Kohl’s (ripped by me)
Lace high-low top from Torrid
Shoes and jewelry have been in my collection long enough that I can’t remember where they’re from.
Look #2 I refer to as “retro”.
Skirt and crop top from Eloquii
Heels from Shoe Carnival
Jewelry from my collection (again)

5 40  61 63 73 79

Lastly, I have my “Rodeo” look. You can’t have a photo shoot in West Texas without getting at least a few shots in cowboy boots!
Dress is from Lane Bryant
Jewelry from Dustee’s
Boots – borrowed

97 100 107 109  133

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