Inside the Dressing Room – Macy’s

God bless the Macy’s at Lennox Square in Atlanta, Georgia.

On my recent trip, I stayed at the DoubleTree hotel in Buckhead which was (fortuitously) right down the street from the Lennox Square Mall.

As a fashionista and plus-sized blogger, you don’t stay that close to a mall without doing a little (or in my case a “lot”) of shopping. So, after Sunday brunch, that’s precisely what I did.

Having shopped at other Macy’s before, I knew they had a decent plus-size selection but I was unprepared for what I found. An entire bottom floor dedicated to full-figured gals. (Okay, there was a section for kids and petites too but clearly my focus was on the umpteen racks of curve-hugging goodness.) Since I’m not prone to shyness, I jumped right in and started piling my arm high with dressing room hopefuls.

This must be what thin or “average” sized girls feel like. Endless options, great fits, cute styles. I’m telling you, it was plus-sized paradise.

EXCEPT for one minor detail. I’m not made of money.

Still, what a great problem to have. If whittling down my choices to the three or four pieces I can afford is my biggest issue of the day, then I’d say that’s still a #shoppingwin.









Want to know which pieces I brought back to Texas with me? Of course you do! Look for my Lennox Square Haul video coming to a blog near you soon!




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