Organizing {Accessory} Addiction

As mentioned in a previous post, I am an extremist. This means I am prone to addiction. There’s a saying in my family…

If a little is good then a lot must be better.

Sure, it’s a flawed mantra but it tends to ring true for me regardless.

Enter my love for accessories.

I attribute this love in part to the fact that growing up as a big girl, accessories were the one thing I could count on to fit. After trying on too-tight pants, ill-fitting dresses and blouses with gaping buttons, I would soothe my bruised ego with scarves, bracelets and earrings the size of my butt.

The problem with having more accessories than your local boutique is where and how to store or display them. I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person but all my wardrobe paraphernalia could present a conundrum to even the most experienced of organizers.

After several moves and several small closets, I’ve come up with some pretty innovative storage solutions but I’m always on the lookout for more.

I’ve decided that if I can ever afford a 2 bedroom by myself, I will turn the extra room into one ginormous closet. But until that day, these creative ideas will have to do.


1. NECKLACE DISPLAY: This is hands-down my favorite storage solution because it doubles as “art” for my wall. Solution: install hooks, pick up cheap frames at your local thrift store, grab some spray paint and voila…instant necklace art!


2. EARRING STORAGE: I found this hanging earring organizer several years ago at Stein Mart. It has 33 pouches on each side (for a total of 66). That’s almost enough for all my earrings and a few rings.


3. BRACELET STORAGE: For me, this basket is not ideal but it was the best I could come up with at the time and given my existing resources. My future plan is to install “paper towel holder type” devices along the side of my dresser to better display the bracelets and for easier access.

A few more ideas from Pinterest for the near future (as I plan on reorganizing my closet soon)…


4. SHOE STORAGE: Thanks to Apartment Therapy for this stroke of genius! Sure, it only works for shoes with a heel but a) that’s the majority of my collection and b) those are the hardest to store via traditional methods anyway. I definitely see some crown molding in my future.

scarf storage

5. SCARF HANGER: gets major points for this simple solution. The scarves are easy to see AND (most importantly) easy to hang up after wearing. I’m all about ease, people.

I have a few other ideas in mind but I will save those for my closet makeover reveal.

How about you? What are your accessory storage solutions? I’d love to hear any ideas you have or organizational tools that work for you.


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