Remember in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods speaks at graduation? She ends her speech with an enthusiastic (if not somewhat shrill) “we did it”! Well, that’s how I felt Saturday night when I finally ventured out in my pink, lace body con dress. No, it’s not exactly on par with graduating from law school but […]

In my very first post I spoke of doing a “small town parade” of curvy-friendly stores. That was 2 months ago and I’ve been somewhat derailed a few times (thanks to fabulous trips and first dates). However, I’m back with another store report. Yesterday I went to Cato with the intention of taking some “inside the […]

I wish I could say that I was a fearless fashionista but sadly, that is not the case. Growing up (particularly as a plus-sized girl) there were rules from the start. Don’t wear that – it makes you look like a linebacker. Wear this instead to conceal, hide, trick the eye, etc. That’s too short, […]

Do you ever struggle with feeling like a fraud? I do. In fact, I’m struggling right now. Monday morning, I popped out of bed, went to the gym (pause for appropriate reaction, a.k.a. astonishment) then proceeded to get ready for my work day. I decided on Sunday that I wanted to do a Friday post […]

Unless you obsessively follow fashion blogs like I do, then the title of this post may not mean much to you. Let me clue you in. As I’ve recently discovered, a “Haul” video is one in which a shopper shares his or her purchases from a certain store. Sometimes sales or “deals” are the focus, […]

There are few things in this world that make me giddy inside like I’m back in 3rd grade and my crush, Jeremy, just picked the seat next to mine…. Few, but they do exist. 1. Broadway. I could go to a Broadway show every night for an entire year and I’m pretty sure I would […]