A Fatty’s Guide to Festival Fashion – Part 1

I’m headed to a summer music festival this weekend so it only made sense to discuss “festival fashion” for today’s Trendy Wednesday.

And in case you think I’m just making up a fashion genre for the sake of my blog – go to Pinterest and type in “festival wear” and you will see that it is, in fact, a real thing.



(photos compliments of glamradar.com via Pinterest)

Let’s be honest – it’s Woodstock. Every festival since and for the rest of time will in some form or fashion (no pun intended – just a happy coincidence), pay homage to the mother of all festing.

In other words, festival wear is all things feathers and fringe. It’s light, airy, breezy tops and skirts paired alternately with crocheted crop tops and impossibly short denim cut-offs. It’s hats and headbands and girls wearing John Lennon glasses, rings on every finger and holding up peace signs.

The inner hippie in me LOVES festival wear. The outer fatty, loathes it.

I am, however, determined to find the perfect marriage of bohemian and bulge.

Here are just a few bits of inspiration…

fest1 fest2 fest3

(photos from blog.freepeople.com, popsugar.com & dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com respectively)

Fringe and feathers aside, I am determined to do one thing this weekend above all else.


The spirit of these festivals is one of freedom, peace and love, right? So regardless of what I choose to wear and whether or not it achieves the right “festival look”, I want to (and will) be at peace…body, mind and soul.

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