Trendy Wednesday – Boyfriend Jeans

I’m sticking with the denim theme this week for Trendy Wednesday and once again, this is a look that I’m torn about.

I purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans from Torrid over a month ago. When they arrived, I tried them on and immediately decided to send them back because I thought they were too big and they made my already chubby legs look oddly short. BUT, after researching (via Google Images and Pinterest) the “boyfriend jean look”, I determined that a little baggy is part of the look and the illusion of shorter legs could be solved with heels. (I believe the former issue stems from the fact that “typically” your boyfriend’s jeans would be big on you. This may not hold true for girls of my size, but I’m just gonna go with it…)

Thankfully, after all this back and forth, I still had the jeans in my possession…since I procrastinate with everything.

Next came the task of figuring out what to pair the jeans with. After scouring Pinterest, I had it narrowed down to one of three looks. The one I ultimately chose was dressing up the jeans with a sparkly top, blazer and heels.

Much to my surprise, I was very happy with the final product and I think these jeans can be a very versatile addition to my wardrobe. In the future, I’m going to try dressing them down with flats and a tee, then transitioning them to a cold-weather piece as well. (so stay tuned!)
Sequin Top – Maurice’s (several seasons ago)
Blazer – Dustee’s
Boyfriend Jeans – Torrid
Sparkly Wedges – Century 21 (while visiting NYC!)



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