Lane Bryant and Me….We Go Way Back

Way back when I was young and working part-time jobs, I had a few stints as a retail worker and you’d better believe I picked stores where I liked to shop (all about that discount!)That means my retail experience came from Lane Bryant and Cato (which will also be featured later on the blog).

Even when I was younger, I remember being so glad that Lane Bryant carried CUTE plus-sized clothes. At that time, I didn’t have many other choices. Thankfully, I was just small enough (I use the term loosely) to fit into XL or XXL at the “non-fat girl” shops, otherwise, I would have been dressed in LB head to toe, 24/7. (I’m sure the company would’ve liked that!)

Point being, Lane Bryant and me…we go way back!

Because of this special relationship we have, I feel that I can be completely honest. Lane Bryant is like a boyfriend that you love…but that you get kind of mad at sometimes.

Exhibit A:
On my recent shopping trip, I found this AH-MAZING skirt. I loved it immediately….until I looked at the price tag. ($139). EEEEK! So what did I do? I took it to the dressing room, of course…and prayed that it didn’t look good on.

Dang you, LB! I love this. I want this. I can’t afford this. (Thanks in part to all of the other shopping I’ve been doing lately…so maybe it’s not all LB’s fault :/ )

Exhibit B:
This beaut I found on clearance. I LOVE CLEARANCE! I figured trying it on was really just a formality…

I was wrong. That is the face of a woman whose upper lady parts are being suffocated. Okay, fine, I’ll go up a size then. No dice. The next size up was too loose. Upper lady parts hanging out is no better than being suffocated.

This is about the time I was ready to walk out of the store empty-handed.

But then, just like a boyfriend, LB knows when it’s time to turn on the charm and remind me why I love it so….

Exhibit C:

Finally! Not only did this summery dress fit (first try) but it will be perfect for my upcoming photo shoot. (I’m thinking cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry…)

So now LB and I are on good terms again. I walked out with the white dress (for 20-something dollars) and a smile on my face =) I still love you, Lane Bryant!


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