Ross Results

Turns out I ended up with 3 fairly different looks from my Ross spree.  For the flirty number (below), I wore it to a friend’s baby shower and decided to dress it up with bright heels from Cato and one of my favorite chunky bracelets from Charming Charlie.

Two observations about this picture:
1) My drink also matches my accessories…because I’m THAT girl
2) My posing technique needs MAJOR work. What the heck?

Hair-wise I tried to play up the 20’s vibe I had going on with the drop waist dress but I also wanted it somewhat out of my face because I knew that rooftop bar would be hot. (And I was right. I took one step outside and my thighs immediately started sweating! #thunderthighprobs)

Above: My handsome date for the night. Additional observation – his phone takes waaaaay better pictures than mine. There might be a Samsung in my future. #sorryiphone

Next up is what I now refer to as the palm leaf dress.

The design and color seemed very tropical to me so I decided this would be my swimsuit cover up for Jarrett’s going away pool party. By the way, that tall drink of water is my friend, Jarrett, who is moving to Hawaii TODAY. I’m smiling in the picture but I’m definitely crying on the inside. He will be missed more than he knows.

Aren’t these shades the best? Versona, my friends! And the hat too, which made me feel very fabulous and I might just wear it every day. You can’t really see the shoes but they are strappy wedges from Target. (And if you just pronounced that “tar-zhay” in your head then we can be friends.)

Last but not least, the Carmen San Diego getup (sans hat).

I decided I would wear this one to the office. We have a very laid back atmosphere where I work and although jeans are allowed every day, I like to take my work wear up a notch from time to time.

How about a close up on those fabulous shoes? These are a Ross find as well. They are gold, glittery and wedges – everything that is right with the world!

And there you have it my friends! I’ll continue my small town shopping parade after the holiday weekend. In the meantime, look for my post on Vacay Fashion! If there’s one thing I love, it’s planning outfits for trips…especially holiday trips. I’m a pretty big nerd when it comes to themes so you can bet that I’ll be one star-spangled broad!


2 thoughts on “Ross Results

  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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