Women are Funny

Aren’t we though?I used to get offended when people would make comments like, “women are so fickle” or “B#$%*s be cray”…Okay, so i still get offended at that last comment…but the older I get the less offended I become because I realize, we ARE a little fickle and I, for one, can be a little “cray” sometimes.

Women have so many good qualities. We are strong, multi-tasking goddesses….but we are also emotional and, dare I say it…sometimes irrational.

As I’m embarking on this Full-Figured Fashion Blogger journey (FFF for short), I’m spending a lot of time reading other curvy girl blogs and surrounding myself (at least in social media) with the strong, brave women who have gone before me – ALL of whom I think are beautiful. I look at their photos on facebook or snapchat and I applaud them for daring to post a picture in a swimsuit with (heaven forbid) some cellulite showing or daring to go sleeveless even though they don’t have defined, sculpted arms.

This is a community that I want to be a part of. Like Tess Holliday, I want to say, “Eff your beauty standards” to the media and the rest of the world and embrace myself for who I am.

HOWEVER, like many things in life, that is easier said then done.

I see these other curvy girls and think, “gorgeous”, then I look at my own picture (unless it’s the perfectly angled selfie – which I know is a lie) and think, “fat”, “huge”, “double chin”, etc.

It makes no sense.

All I can figure is that it’s going to take some time to undo 35 years of hollywood and magazines telling me that I’m not acceptable the way I am. It’s also going to take some guts. Thankfully, even though I don’t have sculpted arms or cellulite-free thighs, GUTS I have…and I intend to put them to good use.

(Below: A few of my favorite brave women)

Garner Style

The Curvy Fashionista

Jessica Kane

Callie Thorpe

Tess Holliday

PS – Step 1 in putting my guts to good use was posting this picture. It will never be my favorite but it’s still me.

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